• 2x 80W Seoul H8 LED Car Fog Light Bulb Driving DRL Lamp Xenon white

2x 80W Seoul H8 LED Car Fog Light Bulb Driving DRL Lamp Xenon white

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Product Name: 80W H8 LED Fog Light (12-24V DC).

Socket: H8

LED quantity: 16pcs

LED Specification: 16pieces 5W SEL LED chips

LEDs power:80W

Color: White(6500-7000K)

Working voltage: 12V-24V DC

Operating current :560-750mA

Working Power:about12Vx0.66A=7.92W

working temperature:-40°C- 105°C

Lumens : >800lm

Beam angle:360°

Packing Specification: Anti-Electrostatic Polybag

warranty :1year ( used in normal condition ).


** Common use for Fog light etc.

**Attention: Please check and confirm the type whether this bulb fits your car before buying Thanks. 

using help


1. Built-in constant current control, anti-jamming; do not change electronic circuits: easy to install, direct replacement of original light bits of glass beads.

2 .LED: semiconductor solid state light source, anti-vibration, waterproof, high luminous efficiency, is the green light!

3 .energy conservation: the traditional halogen lamp, energy consumption, 1/10 (better able to protect the car circuit).

4 .life: the life of up to 50,000 hours (the traditional light bulb does not exceed 2,000 hours).

5 .start: LED without hot start time, lighting fast response speed (nanosecond).

6.About light color: white 

All colors:Production design by the manufacturer; is the most suitable light color.

Due to different monitor settings of computer may distort actual colors. Please read these terms thoroughly before placing your order

7.Car Models Installed table.

Car Models installed table

1.Fog lamp H1,H3,H4,H7,H8/H11, H13,9004/9007,9005,9006.

2.Turn Signal Light 3156,1156,1157,7440, WG4.

3.Parking lamp 1157,3157,7443,

4,Reversing lamp 3156,1156,7440,

5.Trunk lamp 1157,3157,7443

6.Roof Light WG-T10, BA9S,S8.5(Festoon Bulb Adapter:31mm 36mm 39mm 41mm).

7.License Plate Lamp WG-T10 S8.5.

8.Instruvent Light T5, T10, T11, T15, BA9S.

9.Width Lamp: BA9S, T5, WG-T10,WG-T11,WG-T15.

10.Boot light:WG-T10,S8.5.

11.Door Handle Light.WG-T10,S8.5,



packing list

Packing include:

80W H8 LED Fog Light (12-24V) x 2 pieces


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